Land Clearing & Grading Services Company in Maryland

In 2001 Level Land Inc. was formed by Justin Brendel. A few years later his brother Zack Brendel bought into the business and they became partners. Focusing primarily on septic installs small grading jobs and equipment rental jobs. After a few years they hired on their first employee Ben Millard and he has now been with the company over 10 years. Through the years they completed a diverse collection of projects including community septic treatment systems, site projects as well as large demolition projects.

Currently, Level Land has grown and transformed their primary work into land clearing, material processing and organic products manufacturing. Level Land operates an MDE permitted Natural Wood waste processing facility as well as An MDE General Composting facility in Howard County. We manufacture mulch, topsoil, compost, and soil blends. The facility also provides an outlet for local contractors to dump soil leaves and green waste. Level Land also provides demolition, grading, excavating, site work, septic install, and storm water management as we well as storm water maintenance.