Recycling Facility and Products

  • Natural Wood Waste Recycling- Operating under a MDE permit we accept stumps, logs, braches, chips, and general tree debris at our facility. The material is sorted and processed accordingly then it is sent back out as product.
  • General Composting Facility- Operating under an MDE permit we accept Type 1 and type 2 compost material. The material is sorted and processed as well. When it is ready it will be sent back out as product.
  • Soil dump- We accept clean topsoil at our facility to be screened and blended into bio soils and topsoil
  • Products- We produce wholesale products including Woodchips, Mulch, grindings, Topsoil, Bio soil, and Logs

Land Clearing

  • Our crews can provide selective to full site clearing. We have completed many county and state Highway clearing jobs, all have been completed safely and efficiently utilizing our constantly updated line of specialized equipment.
  • Material processing/removal
  • Many of our clients are landscapers that generate a lot of green waste. Some have the space to stockpile material at that point we mobilize equipment to process there material which they can then sned back out as products like Mulch and compost
  • The clients that are short on space utilize our dumpsters that we leave onsite to be filled then we come and remove and dump at our site.

Excavation, Grading, Demolition

  • Level land is equipped to handle midsize grading and excavating projects. Such as site projects, large custom homes, soil exporting and importing, as well as equestrian facilities and pad preparation.
  • Demolition- Houses, buildings, barns, and structures. We have a full line of equipment and trucks to raze and haul off any demolition project.

Storm water management/Maintenance

  • Do to current regulation almost every new construction project has a storm water management pond or filter. We have installed numerous bio ponds, Bio filter, Dry wells and numerous our methods to control storm water.
  • After installation all these facilities require a three year inspection. Municipalities will send the property owner a repair list if needed to keep the facility up to date. We can handle every aspect of this process from first contact with an inspector to final approval.